Hi Guys I thought it was time I properly introduced myself, I’m Kev Kerr the founder of ParaRationalise, I founded ParaRationalise to relieve the frustration that comes from working within the paranormal field, and over time the original blog changed into something more than that, ParaRationalise became an educational website about research and Investigation within the paranormal field.  


I have been researching the paranormal from a very young age and through that research I have gone from outright believer to a borderline cynical sceptic and now i take a comfortable seat between the 2, the research i was performing showed that the field had stagnated in regards to any credible research coming from the field.


This prompted me to step into practical field investigation to find out what was happening, upon taking my first steps into practical investigation it was obvious that the field had become a playground for the media and only a small amount of reputable investigators were left in the field. The rest seemingly replaced with fame hunting, money hungry individuals who didn’t want to push research forward but wanted a cheap easy money making thrill.

This was not real investigation, the TV producers had control of the masses and dictated what equipment was to be used during these apparent investigations, and it dictated which locations could make the most money by using the locations on TV.



So I started in the practical field by joining Gloucester Paranormal Research (GPR) and began the journey from researcher to investigator, from here I joined the Association for the Scientific study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP) this lead to me taking up an opportunity that made me part of the National Register of Professional Investigators (NRPI) through the ASSAP, At this point ParaRationalise was born as just a blog, a place for me to vent my frustrations about the paranormal field, I parted ways with GPR as ParaRationalise went from the blog to an individual active paranormal investigator of the same name, from this various informative posts were written and various cases were dealt with across the UK, I then joined the society for psychical research (SPR) to expand my knowledge further, i appeared on radio broadcasts talking about different subjects and was invited to speak in the panel for the ASSAP’s seriously strange conference, considering I have worked alone for the majority of my paranormal ‘career’ this turned out to be a less than satisfactory arrangement due to various ‘hairy’ situations a lone investigator can find themselves in, this prompted me to expand ParaRationalise, but instead of recruiting into ParaRationalise I took up an offer to work alongside a team I had come across numerous times before whilst dealing with the ASSAP, I joined Team IMPACT a team made up of NRPI investigators and a passion to push research forward.


So this is where I am now, a great team of investigators around me, this website, which I have been dreaming of creating for many years and hopefully many more years of experimentation and education in the paranormal field.


I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and can take somethings from it to improve your skills as a researcher and investigator.


One last thing,


Forget what you want to believe, seek the truth and have the courage to believe that.

Who is Kevin Kerr?