So I have decided to write out a series that will hopefully educate people about what can be misperceived as a paranormal experience but is actually quite normal, Unfortunately it seems a lot of investigators out there are unaware of.

I can only hope this series will give the facts of the research out there that has been discovered and how these can affect individuals, it seems this research is rarely collected in perspective to the paranormal and I hope that this will open the eyes of investigators out there to look in the right direction for a solution, included in each post will be the symptoms to be aware of and how to approach the situation in an ethical, professional and investigative manner.

I will also include some further reading links and references to hopefully help paranormal research push forward and catch up with the times.

These posts originally started as a single post but within the first hour or so it was obvious the read would be far too long and include a multitude of things to absorb so it is now being separated into a series of posts numbering approximately 20 individual posts!
The brain is an incredible thing, we all know that but do you realise, that your brain is doing most of what it does without you consciously knowing it is?

This can cause a lot of seemingly paranormal things to happen to people and subsequently make believers out of people!

I have mentioned before that I used to be an outright believer until my research deepened and I realised I could explain a huge majority of my experiences.

As it would be for anyone, it was an incredibly brave move to admit that for all that time I had been wrong about what had happened to me and others on so many occasions l, but if I was to remain on a valid path with my pursuit for the truth my belief system would have to be twisted, buckled and snapped depending on the evidence, since then I have never looked back!

I find the paranormal even more fascinating especially the capabilities of our brain and the seemingly small amount most people in the paranormal community seem to understand about what it is capable of!

I always invite any corrections to the research that may have updated since the time of the original posting and I will update once I have confirmed the validity of the research.
Thanks for reading and I look forward to your feedback

Introduction to the Brain and the Paranormal Series