Paranormal investigators/ghost busters/anomalous investigators/ghost hunters/ufologists/ghost seekers or any other name that someone wants to self title themselves whilst on their personal mission to find the truth, come in horrendously different forms and this is something I believe is massively important for the general population to understand so, bring forth another list of sarcastically placed preconceptions of the world around myself:


The over the top enthusiasts

Well these are great, they include people who just love, love, looooove the paranormal, everything about it! Bullshit or not they will eat it up, the majority don’t care if it’s real or not just the subject itself is enough to make them salivate like a starving Rottweiler staring through a butchers window!
But this has massive consequence on the paranormal community they do not critically think, if someone tells them a leaf in the wind was carried by lucifer himself well that would be what happened and even worse they would be amazingly eager to share the story including all the imaginary crap that never happened on top! They are relatively easy to spot they usually won’t take any criticism to toward the story or it will evolve as you criticise or even continue to babble crap at you even when they know you actually know quite a bit about the subject!


The Carbon Copies

This interesting bunch tend to watch a lot of TV, Films and Documentaries, they absorbs what is happening like a sponge again with no critical thinking in place, if the lead investigator of a certain TV series pulls out the latest and greatest untested gadget it is usually arriving on their doorstep before the end of the show, if a person on the screen during a documentary comes up with a title under their name, usually along the lines of “paranormal expert” then whatever they say becomes truth and anything learned previously is deleted from memory and the bullshit continues! Never forget TV, Films and even documentaries have to be interesting with a little thought provocation when at all possible!
If actual thorough investigating was to be on tv it would seriously require tireless narration from the come dine with me narrator! Even then it will be laughing at some serious stuff, almost with the same taste as putting that kind of narration over an oxfam advert! It just wouldn’t be appropriate!
These kind of investigators tend to have all the gear and no idea they sprout of the same babble they hear on their walk through the world of entertainment and most of the general populous would believe it because they would have seen something similar on the TV! They still count as dangerous to the paranormal world they’re halfway there, but need to be pointed in the right direction!

The Spiritual Investigators

Well it speaks for itself really, these guys are actually great in my eyes, like I’ve mentioned before I have studied spirituality in its many forms over the years and come across some amazing characters in the process but I’m not going to hold back because, well it’s me and this is my blog!

So when I say spiritual I mean various religions, mediumship, shamanism, angelologists and demonologists.
The list is exceptionally vast but hopefully that could sum it up, these guys I find deeply interesting I’ve previously mentioned belief systems before and my unavoidable love for picking peoples brains and these brains are the most colourful, lovely and interesting of all! They absorb your opinions, they listen intently then always come back with a clout but they do have a limit!
If you tap that nerve then you’ll know who you are dealing with, some actually react with a need to understand your opinion, most, well they explode they call you a cynic, a skeptic (without a real understanding of what it means) they use sentences along the lines of “people like you”! These again seem to lose the ability to critically think!

These kind of investigators help people as equally as they make things a million times worse, they can breed fear into people and leave them fragile and some can even use this to make themselves a pretty penny, they can also give people enough closure to continue on with their lives performing blessings, crossing over spirits and giving readings! Either way both count as a form of manipulation (even though that comment will bring a massive back lash) this form of investigating is for want of a better word unethical!

The Skeptical Believer

Well what a struggle it would be to be this kind of investigator!
On one side you are actively searching for a rational explanation on the other your so drowned in the idea that It really could be something that you are blind to the fact it’s not!
At least this type of investigator is showing some promise but they can cause just as much harm though! They follow guidelines but step out of them for no reason other than a lack of reason! All investigators like this require a good nudge in the right direction to help solve the paranormal riddle! Some refuse the nudge these will forever be stuck in the dark abyss known as their backsides and will probably find that all they will ever find there is……well not the most difficult guess of what would be in there……..shit!

Your probably wondering why I’ve gone to the effort of writing all of these sub sections in a blog post about the taboo of paranormal investigating? Well to the average joe with no real experience with the paranormal or even a passing interest these are the stereotypes out in the big wide world that get plumbed onto you once you mention you are a paranormal investigator each person thinks differently and believes different things and will happily brand you with a completely culture lead white hot burning stamp!

We all feed this misconception to the public!

Now I can’t talk for any other investigators out their but I can say it seriously gets on my tits! I am none of the above yes I share a similar title i even do parts in my investigation from each! None of us are perfect but we should be pushing for it!
I’m constantly looking to sharpen my skills and expand my knowledge if I don’t think something works and have a damn good reason why it doesn’t, I will speak up! If someone comes back and give me a damn good reason why I’m wrong I will put my hands up and say “fair enough”!
Come at with the worst reason and I am compelled to fight my corner!

As said before:

That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.

The average joes out there look upon the paranormal world as nut jobs and full of bullshit I personally hate that fact and want it to change but we do not help ourselves in the slightest!
I would agree that we have a fair share of “eccentrics” in the paranormal world but a lot of people are being branded the same! No wonder any scientific theory involving the paranormal is launched into the small circular filing cabinets under physicists desks!
We make a mockery of ourselves most of the time it’s not to dissimilar from Saturday night singing shows and the ones that seem to adamantly believe they can sing! If they took 5 minutes to ignore others fake opinions first then they would easily realise they are on the wrong path prior to the national embarrassment!
Don’t just throw evidence out to the world and stamp it completely real put some thought into it! Don’t wave an EMF meter about just because it says it works on the TV look into the background of it, why is it being used, how does it work, what is it actually measuring, don’t stop at the first answer keep digging! If everyone just applied critical thinking we could change things overnight instead we will embark on a war against each other which from an outside perspective resembles a bunch of apes throwing shit over each other!

In the words of Aristotle I believe:

It is the mark of an educated mind to entertain a thought without accepting it!

And this to me is required to be a paranormal investigator!

Would like those out there with no knowledge of what it is I do, to understand what I do! I investigate paranormal occurrences, I do everything in my power to remain impartial at all times I approach things with my own knowledge including every other logical answer and maybe one day I will come across something I can’t answer then I will research further!

I do the leg work, I have put my blood, sweat and tears into investigations and years of research, I have found myself fighting for anyone to believe in what I do, so now I rely on my own passion to push me forward! In the near future I will sharpening my skills once again alongside the Association of the scientific study of anomalous phenomena (ASSAP), tying myself to the code of ethics for the National Register of Paranormal Investigators (NRPI) and attending a course to achieve the first accredited qualification in paranormal investigating and be one of a handful of people to receive it first! I will be absorbing more information about how to apply my skills properly and actually help people in these more than real situations ensuring not to make matters worse for them!

I am an educated person with more than enough qualifications to culturally secure my intelligence, it does not make me idiotic to attempt to understand what science struggles to explain it makes me innovative, I am happy to step outside of the worlds comfort zone, wave a flag from outside of the box and hopefully bring home some answers as to what is being experienced!
Be it nothing special or a whole new outlook!

The Taboo of Investigating the Paranormal