Lets start the Rant page with the most argued phenomena in the paranormal world! Those wonderful round bright pains in the arse known as orbs! This is really going to be an extension of a Facebook rant induced by multiple arguments with investigators, researchers and everyday people about the apparent “evidence” they feed to the public!


That rant went like this:

Time to be blunt! Im not sure how much more of the “orb” argument I can take! If they are caught on a still camera usually using flash this can only be counted as dust or moisture or something completely explainable whether anyone likes it or not!

If footage is found of an interactive orb that has an effect on equipment or morphs from a shape into an orb and vise versa or has an effect on something in the surrounding then it is worth taking a second look!

The paranormal “evidence” pool is diluted enough with hoaxes, simple misconceptions, generic orb photographs and motion blur pareidolia! We don’t need more! We need to educate ourselves forward from what we have already learned and distance ourselves from our own need to “want” these things to be real only then can we come forward with true evidence and make scientists and psychologists want to research the paranormal as a matter of course! There are those of us who are happy with just believing and that’s fine but just understand that this will keep the paranormal in a stalemate and remain in the murky world of pseudoscience!

So I took a breather and now I want to expand on this with an ounce more thought, as I explained the paranormal evidence pool is full of hoaxes, simple misconceptions, generic orb photographs and motion blur pareidolia! The main culprit in these are Orbs! Photo after photo after photo after photo after photo of these are thrown all over social sites, team pages and paranormal websites!

This is fair enough an orb can be considered evidence but it can too easily be “debunked” as dust, moisture, a bug, the list goes on! These photos tell us nothing except maybe someone forgot to dust that day or even better, this giant haunted mansion that’s been laid abandoned for years on end may have managed to build up just a teeny amount of dust that the visitor has been happily kicking up since arriving! SHOCKER!
Like i mentioned before if you have a normal or night-vision camera and that orb is moving around the room moving objects and people in shot are being affected by it or your equipment is reacting to its every move (oh by the way try to ensure such equipment is actually measuring something accurately) then “you could be on to something”, still not evidence, but just on to something!
It should not be labelled evidence or proof or any other word related to it being 100% real footage of a “ghost”, try sharing that footage with actual investigators (and there isn't many), I know, I know! you are an investigator, but that doesn’t mean someone else hasn’t come across a similar anomaly maybe they have already worked out what it was or they are holding data which will add to the validity of it! Try actually working together.

The people I see walking around explaining that a photo of an orb has incredible colour or is illuminating onto the walls, well, lets look at it from a perspective that isn’t gonna gobble up all the bullshit in one foul swoop!

An orb photo classically seen as a reflection off of dust etc etc etc this reflection is helped along by the rather bright flash of the camera, this light is in fact made up of lots of colours that’s the beauty of shining a light through a prism or in this case a rounded glass lens, this can cause a subtle refraction that gives an orb its colour and this is all ‘after’ taking into account the colours involved in fabrics and upholstery within the location of the photo, as for a glow on the surroundings this light is indeed hitting this particle and being reflected onto its surroundings! On top of that it can be caused by a sudden reflection off of any shiny surface or object!
These are just a few of hundreds of simple and proven explanations!
Nothing and no one can prove these photos of orbs are in anyway genuine so what really is the point?????
Just store them away don’t share them as evidence! I personally have a separate file on my hard drive called interesting this includes orb photos and videos that prove nothing but one day might be useful to go back to!
I hear some of you may ask well why don’t we get this all the time as there is a lot of dust etc in the air? well that does bring forward a valid point surely if there is lots we would see them all the time on every shot! Distance can be a wonderful illusion when looking at something from a fixed direction these orbs are within clear shot of the light from the camera and possibly not more than a few millimetres from the lens and light!

So to sum this Rant up! A plain ordinary photo of an orb does nothing towards proving the existence of ghosts or finding the truth or however you want to explain your mission! It creates a murky shield over the really useful footage and data that is being found and absorbed into the depths to become an investigators needle in a haystack!

I’ll leave you with one of my favourite quotes that fits into everything I do!

“The desire to believe should never overcome the desire for the objective truth!”

Surrounded by ORBS!