Private Investigation

Pararationalise has been involved in private investigations across the country, these investigations are performed with the strictest procedures especially when dealing with confidentiality and ethics.

I ask anyone who may be experiencing perceived paranormal phenomena to get in touch via the contact page but I also ask that you read the Pre investigation Check List below:

Due to the nature of ParaRationalise investigations we ask that prior to reporting paranormal activity to us, you read the following depending on your situation,

The only reason we ask this is we are an in depth team that works extremely hard on each of our investigations.


Any apparent haunting can be distressing for anyone involved; once you think something is paranormal it is difficult to not tar every occurrence in your property with the paranormal brush. Ensure you take a deep breath, think about what is happening and importantly remember that the fear of the paranormal is built up by popular media to make films and TV series more entertaining, take a look at the sub categories and see if any applies to the activity you are experiencing, in it, you will find some guidance to help understand what could be happening: 


Remember we are here to support and educate and will do everything in our power to help you with everything we can, if you feel the situation requires immediate attention contact us straight away.


If you have recorded any evidence yourself we would love to see it and review it for you? This would certainly help the investigation process a great deal. Thankyou



Strange Noises (Footsteps, Tapping) – this can commonly be explained away by the house settling although this is not entirely true, thermal expansion and retraction can cause some incredible noises especially in attic areas where the natural acoustics of the empty space amplifies the noises (even giving them a spooky feel). Are these noises possible on demand? Ask for the noises to be made? Have you got neighbours or living in a built up area? Do you live close to a road or track of some sort? Ensure you take notes of the location, times and type of noise you hear, this will assist you/us greatly in explaining the unexplained noises.




Disembodied Voices – Voices that appear out of nowhere can be quite daunting (believe us we’ve been there) but this should not stop you trying your own small investigation, is your property attached to other properties? Do you live in a busy or built up area? Check all speakers in the house just in case a stereo is turned on quietly or even a phone is accidentally calling out? Once again keep a log of the location, times and if possible what was said?




Interactive objects (TV, lights and electrical equipment turning on or off by themselves etc) – Electrical equipment Switching on and off by itself is quite a common occurrence and can and has been mistaken for paranormal activity this can be explained by the following:

Television – first things first has anyone accidentally set the on or off timer in the menus? Do you have pets? Could they have accidentally stepped on the remote?

A TV relies on infrared from its remote to function without the aid of the main switch, if the TV’s remote battery is running low it can send out an Infrared scramble that the TV receiver can conceive as an ‘on’ command this can also work the other way around and switch the TV off. Try changing the batteries or placing the remote in a different room? Another malfunction maybe the main switch on the TV is loose or broken in some form, try safely and gently moving the switch to see if this turns the TV on or off Also are you living in a built up area? Are there neighbours living in line with the windows of your property? Is your TV picking up on your neighbours’ remote signals? Again keep a log of times, location and even what channel the TV switches on to?


Lights – Lights switching on or off of there own accord can be frightening especially if you are alone and it is dark outside, this could be down to the wiring within the home and is definitely worthy of a check from a qualified electrician? Very carefully check if the switch is loose or if it clicks into place whilst switching on and off? Have you not realised that someone else has switched it on? Ask any other occupants if they have switched it on? Also is anyone in the residence prone to sleep walking? Set up a camera if possible and remember to keep a log of location and times (if not exactly when just when discovered will suffice).

All of the above can help explain appliances, radios etc performing the same phenomena if this happens regularly across different rooms in the house send us an email or speak to us on the phone and we will advise the next steps.




Full apparitions and shadowy figures - These quite frankly, are enough to make you run from the house never to return. Take a deep breathe, the mind really is a wonderful thing, and it is known that prolonged exposure to certain electromagnetic fields or certain acoustics are capable of making us feel as if something is in the room with us or even in extreme cases, hallucinations.

These fields are created by electrical equipment, wiring within a building and the geographic location of the property. Sometimes these fields flood area’s of the home and cause a lot of apparent paranormal activity.

Shadowy figures can be caused by coincidental timing with car headlights driving past, reflections off objects that go un noticed or even (let it be known) your own shadow, if you witness any of the above keep a detailed log of location, time, what was seen or any features if possible.

Contact us immediately if this occurrence happens on a regular basis.




Moving objects (Visual) – if you witness objects moving within your property these are some steps you can take to see if anything paranormal is happening firstly try placing the object back in its original position does it slip or slide? If it is a wall hanging is the object holding it securely? Check for surface water and uneven ground around the object? Are there any open windows or fans near by? Check the natural balance of the object is it top heavy and easily able to fall? A common thing to be witnessed is doors opening or closing on there own, this could be the good old fashioned ‘just the wind’ or an unsecured door stop that has lost grip, is the latch of the door secure or does it hold on for dear life? Once again log all occurrences including what time, location, what object and how far did it travel? If an object fly’s across a room or a door opens and slams repeatedly then contact us immediately and we will advise further action.




Moving objects (not witnessed) – Follow the same as above (Visual), also take into account the fact that it is easy to forget the small default tasks we perform everyday so if you leave a kitchen cupboard door open and swear you closed it, try setting up a camera if you have one handy? Ensure no one else has moved an object or opened a door and always remember to keep a log of all occurrences including what time, location, what object, who is present in the property and how far did it travel? If this happens on a regular basis contact us and we will advise further.



Disappearing objects – This phenomenon is quite common, we all rush around and forget where we left our keys or put down a ring or earrings and its not where we usually put it? You look everywhere and suddenly there it is! The difference that makes this a paranormal occurrence is if your possessions go missing for days on end and after tearing the house apart to find it, it appears exactly where you have looked a 100 times before, firstly you should check that someone else hasn’t moved it? And ensure that it really isnt in that usual place. If the object reappears in a strange place some time later such as on top of the fridge or in the back of a cupboard then double check with anyone else in the property that it hasn’t been put there by them ensure you show them the object so they know exactly what has been missing. As always keep a log of when this happens, what time, how long it was missing, where you found it and who has been present in the house in the time it was missing? Once all this has been checked and still does not add up contact us and we will advise from there.



Strange Smells – A common occurrence reported is the sudden smell of perfume or pipe smoke that no one recognises along with the feeling that someone is in the room with you, this can be caused by surrounding electromagnetic fields from electrical equipment causing our brains to register things that aren’t actually present, another more simple explanation is that a window is open or someone has placed an air freshener where there normally wouldn’t be one. If this is a common occurrence ensure you log down the dates, times, location, the smell and a description. If this is common contact us and we can advise further.



Being touched, pushed or scratched – This can be exceptionally mind blowing (again believe us we have been there and experienced it) but before jumping to a paranormal conclusion its important to think of what position you were in when the occurrence happened (Remember there is no officially recorded paranormal activity that has resulted in anyone being physically harmed – Except in Hollywood where the spirits have some hugely imaginative ways to hurt everyone):


Touched or pushed - Was your position awkward such as straining or in an unusual position for your body? This could cause a spasm that feels very similar to someone gently tapping you or pushing against your skin. Once again ensure you log everyone of these occurrences including time, location, what position you where in,


Scratches – these are an exceptionally rare occurrence and would usually be caused by catching a body part on something without noticing, a lot of people cut there finger but don’t realise until they visually see that they have.

If you can see the scratches forming on the skin or get pushed multiple times then contact us as soon as possible for advice.



Interaction with children – This can be exceptionally daunting for any parent, when your child mentions someone you don’t know, points out there friend who you cant see or talking to someone who isnt there. Children are said to be more sensitive to spirits in general but this can also has a completely normal explanation as children can create imaginary friends or objects of there choosing. Ensure that you ask some questions about the friend eg; what is there name? Where are they from? What do they look like? Etc write these questions and answers down also log the usually times your child talks or interacts with there friend this can be exceptionally important. Contact us if you are in need of more information or wish for us to visit.

ParaRationalise is covered with a strict code of ethics which requires the parent and a secondary investigator to be present at all times for an investigation involving a child or venerable person.



If you fear for your safety in any way email ParaRationalise immediately and we will advise you on what to do and organise to visit as soon as physically possible.