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Personal Paranormal Experience can happen to anyone!

Updated: Apr 3, 2018

I am writing this post due to the fact I have recently have had a few strange personal experiences, as some of you know I do attend events or ‘evestigations’ the ones I choose to attend would normally involve other investigators ranging from true believers, gadget addicts and sceptics but passionate investigation groups none the same.

I attend them to keep up with the latest things going on in the ‘normal’ side of the paranormal, mostly ending in lots of eye rolling moments or in-depth explanations as to why or what something is but also a great deal of in-depth 2 way conversations about beliefs and experiences.

There is no doubt in the paranormal that we all have personal experiences and I wanted to write about a couple of mine, yes I’m a sceptic, yes I’m a serious critical thinking investigator of what I would personally consider a high caliber and I have come from a background of true believer right to the other side of the spectrum and know I am a proud critical thinking sceptic,

Being a sceptic does not mean I am closed off to ‘the paranormal experience’ if anything I am more open to it and nothing would make me happier to capture data from one of these situations in a controlled environment, unfortunately on most occasions when something that makes me second guess a situation I either do not have a camera or I’m just relaxing not expecting anything to happen.

So I recently visited the Jamaica inn, a place that needs no introduction, it has been on my bucket list thanks to multiple books I had read as a child and seeing it mentioned time and time again, so after all these years I finally got the opportunity to take a look, I attended it with a few other investigators some believers, some tech lovers, some ‘evestigators’ a really big mix of people, but none of that mattered as I was only attending to scratch a 20 year itch, I wasn’t present to pull apart folklore or advise a team or even collect data, suffice to say I was shocked to come away having had a personal experience.........yes it happens but of course that doesn’t have to make it Paranormal, I was in the gift shop with 3 other investigators, lights off, cameras rolling, my personal camera was switched off but hung around my neck as it wasn’t light enough to get a decent shot anyway and quite frankly I was bored, now I am what I would consider a seasoned investigator I have sat for hours on end conducting experiments doing nothing except monitoring what is happening around me, but this was much worse I was getting agitated with boredom and was standing in the middle of the gift shop near the tills with the till screen lights giving off at least some ambient lighting, I spent a good 3 minutes scanning one area that contained a round shelf unit full of toys, as I was scanning suddenly a semi circle shape that was poking out of the side of the shelf unit moved behind it, I hadn’t even noticed anything odd until this shape moved, my response was “nah........fuck off....really?” I had no camera ready, I had completely switched off, my brain had gone to “yawn.........is it time to go back yet” mode, to say I was far from prepared would be a huge understatement, this semi circular shape was approximately 2 to 2 1/2 feet off the floor, it seemed like a nude colour but I couldn’t tell so much in the bad lighting, it darted from right to left suddenly disappearing behind the unit and if I’m honest I couldn’t work out if it had any other features at the time with all this taking place in a matter of seconds.

The investigator in me kicked in and I headed over to the area but couldn’t see anything that could have caused this to happen, then I took a step back, there was no way that from this experience I could gain any kind of data, the moment had passed and I was forced to take it as a nice personal experience, I ensured I had gone over the situation just the once in my head and made notes.

Now this was the bit where I could witness the effects that the brain can have after the fact,

Once I had explained what I had experienced I was told that apparently the gift shop was haunted by a child that would play with the toys, this was a tenuous link but still lead to an interesting process, over the following weeks every time I looked back on the situation my memory would add small details such as facial features, eyes that I could tell were looking directly at me, luckily I had concentrated in the first instance of the moment and noted down what I had seen, now I have an image of when it happened and the image with added details.

It’s these situations that follow a personal experience and we can learn a lot from them, one, it reminds me why I carry my notepad and pen and write these things down as they occur, two, it’s important to understand the nature of the brain and how it can warp a situation to suit what is expected.

Now this is the brain of a seasoned investigator someone with an understanding of what is happening and even though not prepared for the situation still able to pull something from it. To witness the brains power over memory whether we consciously like it or not.

It makes me think of other individuals who have these experiences and take memory as fact and how these personal experiences can become full blown ghost stories which cause other ‘investigators’ to follow suit and basically waste time investigating something with the incorrect details.

Another recent experience was when my team (Team Impact) were experimenting / investigating an undisclosed location, the location was ours all weekend we had rooms to sleep in and not a long time after arrival 2 of the Team had already had personal experiences, I was putting my bedding etc into my designated room at the same time as another team member, the other team member walked past me as I was closing my door and walked down the stairs that went off to the left of the hallway, me, again cameraless and not really focusing on investigating made my way to the stairs as I did, the team member walked back up the steps then turned back around to go back down, I turned the corner around onto the stairs about 3 or 4 seconds later expecting to see them and they were right at the far end of the hall approx 15-20m away, at which point I shouted down and asked if he had come back up the stairs and he said no, which left me confused as I could have sworn he had, so what was the ‘figure’ that I had seen come up the stairs and walk back down, honestly not a clue but I could swear I saw who I assumed was the team member, I can’t even put details to the situation as I wasn’t paying much attention I had just assumed who it was and got on with heading back the main room to go through the battle plan, I explained the situation to the team, and guess what! apparently a full apparition had been seen in that hallway but again a tedious link at best! No data no camera no expectation!

Personal experiences happen to everyone, even us horrible sceptics the only difference is knowing when to let go of them and when it warrants investigation, anything like the above are so unlikely to happen again that it would be pointless to attempt recreate them, you see a lot of individuals with a limited understanding of investigations label everything Paranormal because of the situations they are in, a little of the right knowledge can go a long way in the paranormal, a little of the wrong knowledge spreads like wild fire unfortunately leading to a fog of misunderstood situations and a waste of valuable time and effort.

Now why would a sceptic, with a pretty good reputation openly admit to having supposedly paranormal experiences? Well we’re not perfect, not one sceptical / scientific investigator can say they have debunked or explained every situation they have had been involved in because without evidence or experimentation we can’t prove anything, it’s so easy to debunk anything without an explanation just the same as it is to claim something is Paranormal without explanation, a good sceptic should look at every situation and use occums razor to ensure the most logical outcome, unfortunately not one of us hold the full book of information to debunk accurately every time, the balance is very important, we can get close to a logical answer in a majority of situations but with lack of data we can’t move forward, a sceptic should never step too far into cynicism and shoot down every situation as an hallucination, the wind, a draft or misunderstanding at least not without the data or research to back it up, if you think a cold spot in a room is caused by a draft investigate it, show it’s a draft, if you think it could be an hallucination show how that is possible share the information and knowledge to those less likely to take it into account.

Walk among the believers, listen to their points of view, they maybe different from yours but they are coming from a very different angle. If things get heated back away.

Believers you don’t escape this either, I’ve had the ice cold situations of walking into a room with a majority believer base and overheard the whispers of what is he doing here? And why do you bother to come to these, us sceptics are the most open minded individuals in the paranormal world, myself more open minded than the majority, try having an adult conversation about it, personally I have been attacked by sceptics and believers but the believer base are hell bent on arguing every point with no real information to bring to the table, even getting to the point of death threats!

It’s not a sceptics position to prove you wrong, it’s your responsibly to prove yourself right!

Open your minds and have a conversation, Aristotle said “it’s the mark of an educated mind to entertain a thought without accepting it” and that’s exactly what both sides should be capable of!

This isn’t the usual Paraunity bollocks, we shouldn’t be holding hands and standing in a circle singing songs together but we should be able to work along side each other when needs be!

We should be able to witness each other’s methods with understanding and take criticism with a pinch of salt, we have a lot to learn from each other and this approach may one day lead to the Paranormal world taking its first foot forward for the first time in a long time.

Thanks for Reading!

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