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Updated: Apr 18, 2018

Really paranormal people? Don’t you think it’s about time we all got our shit together, I’ve unfortunately recently been added to a few groups in the “Safe Zone” of the paranormal, these are groups that allow any belief system or point of view to be put forward, providing it co-insides with the admins or VIP’s points of view completely defying the point! You can be blocked for your opinion if it’s outside of the original posters views!

Well these groups were a shit storm a few years back when I went through every group I was in and removed myself in order to take myself out of the drama!

And what a relief it was, it was like putting on noise cancelling headphones and my personal Facebook page became relaxing to look through once again.

Unfortunately now it seems that shit storm has turned into a massive shit tornado with added corn!

Any that claim you are allowed your opinion are quite frankly waiting for you to step on a minefield, it usually means a constant stream of arguing between the factions (the Sceptics & the Believers) the believers have no clue what a sceptic is and the sceptics seem to think that somehow they can win over the believers with facts and research.

Both sides seem to be missing the point completely, a believer cannot be turned by facts and research! If that was the case we would never have an issue, a believer can only turn when they feel the need to look into the research themselves or begin to question the faith they have.

Once they do and once they ‘open’ their eyes to the possibility they default as sceptics purely because they ask questions before jumping to a conclusion.

A sceptic can become a believer if they find that they are overwhelmed by information either personally or academically that shows to them that the paranormal is real.

So I’m bashing both the sceptics and believers in these situations but as I mentioned in my previous blog post, personal experience can happen to anyone, a small faction within these groups are much more diplomatic they are sceptical believers a faction that believe ghosts exists but do not put time and effort into the obvious bullshit that is churned up everyday, I respect these guys a lot they still have passion for the paranormal, the ghost stories, the interestingly unexplained but also use critical thinking correctly it’s not an easy position to be in but they hold good ground and have good points, this is something we could all learn from!

A majority have personal reasons why they believe in the paranormal, a sceptic telling a believer that something might not be real can be the same as telling them that someone close who has passed on is gone completely or something they considered special about themselves is in fact...not! Or even years of hard work pushing towards an answer that turns out to be wrong that’s difficult to give up!

It’s easy to see why you can be met with hostility in these situations.

It’s frustrating for a sceptic that has done the research and found answers and have that thrown back in your face, it’s easier to call someone an idiot and argue than to teach them.

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink”

Believers need to realise that questioning these things is a must, believe it or not we have had quite a few small breakthroughs in answering questions in the paranormal, they might not be the answers the individuals wanted but they are answers that have been backed up with good solid research and experimentation.

We’ve sussed out about pareidolia (seeing faces and shapes in random stimuli), the ideomotor effect (how ouija boards work when we swear we haven’t moved the planchette), what orbs really are, how hallucinations work, sleep paralysis and hordes of other psychological reasons why we might experience the things we do, a fraction of the paranormal world is pushing forward unfortunately it must drag a centuries worth of growing excess baggage along with it.

These open groups are nothing but toxic to the paranormal community, a battleground if you like, I’ve mentioned before about these places in a post a few years back about para-unity, unfortunately we are unable as a community to use basic diplomacy.

This isn’t just a paranormal issue this happens with all kinds of topics, we have huge anti science movements, vaccines, cannabis, religion, nutrition the list goes on.

Social media has given wide spread to misinformation and it will only get worse.

Everyone is entitled to have a say when something is posted asking for an opinion, it’s just a shame that everyone has to bring pitch forks and torches to each conversation.

Ok if you don’t like it then just remove yourself from the groups, but this doesn’t help anyone, it never has, we need to start seeing eye to eye or we are going to be stuck in this same position for decades to come!

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