Welcome to the ParaRationalise lab, this area of the website is here to help anyone in the paranormal community to find answers to what has already been discovered in the paranormal world using the scientific method, it is also here to hopefully inspire teams, groups or individuals to try out some experiments for themselves.


The Lab will obviously grow over time, so it will always be an evolving, it will act as a bridge between the jargon that science can be seen as and the paranormal field, hopefully simplifying it for individuals working in the paranormal field.


These will vary between small experiments that may have a chance to gain ground to experiments that are much bigger and well known.

On top of these links will be provided to the original write ups and experimenters page!


It is important for teams, groups and individuals to attempt to recreate these experiments and publish their findings this act alone will help to push research forward but always keep in mind the actual truth may not be the truth you were looking for and this is the only way we can move forward in research into the paranormal!

The ParaRationalise Lab is under construction, if you

have any experiments you would like to appear on this page please contact us here