So I’ve decided to write this rant for various reasons!
It’s not something that particularly winds me up but it is something I witness a lot of in the paranormal community and I have noticed an almost deliberate ignorance to it until it bites someone on the arse!

This nicely hidden in plain sight ‘phenomena’ is in fact a raging war between all kinds of paranormal researchers, groups, teams and fans!
It’s actually quite hilarious to witness sometimes as well as getting quite nasty from time to time!

As people who have read my little rants prior would know, I’m not exactly subtle with my approach to the paranormal neither am I a total arsehole about it all the time! (Some may disagree)

But I will warn this post may offend some, it make people smile, it may just go against everything you ever believed but I am just trying to ensure the information I spit out here is as honest as possible to my opinion!

This war is as complex as full blown religious wars be it Christians vs Muslims ,the Israelis vs the Palestinians and Catholics vs Protestants as we know history is littered with bloody battles caused by a slight difference in opinion!

Needless to say paranormal teams aren’t meeting up and stabbing each other with sharpened K2 meters, throwing explosive voice recorders at each other across haunted rooms or blinding each other with 70,000mW lasers!
No they are using much more subtle techniques, being the usually quiet ‘keep ourselves to ourselves’ types they are using the medium (no pun intended) of social media and blogs (guilty as charged) to take a dig at various differences in opinion!

So this being a war, it would require different sides although in this case hundreds of sides all varying in their opinions and ability to back them up!

So i will attempt to narrow down these sides in order to explain where they are coming from, the type of person they usually are and what war like reactions you should expect from them

So First up

The hardcore believers

I’ve mentioned these guys before they are a fantastic breed of people! They know that ghosts exist, they know that there is another side but some lack the vision to see it, they know Aunty Maud is waiting to greet us on that other side!
Nothing you say or do could change their minds, you can hand them incredible evidence against their point, backed up with generations of research that completely disproves their point of view and well, you get back a simple “but how do you explain the time this happened”
There is no doubt they hold a high percentage of the blame for the palm shaped dent in my face!



They can be exceptionally aggressive towards any obstruction you put in their way usually diving to lows of personal bullying across social media sites to make themselves out to be victims or even better making up some more ‘bunk’ to try and disprove the point you have tried to make! This bunk is usually portrayed as personal experiences that even the most thorough of investigators would find impossible to get to the bottom of!

These can be exceptionally dangerous in the paranormal community although no doubt they would disagree, these people plant ideas in peoples heads and usually have all the right answers, the problem is they are a few generations of information deep in the belief in the paranormal, which in turn makes every situation paranormal be it bread falling from a shelf in supermarkets to a power cut occurring when they didn’t expect it!
This just leads to more dredging around in information especially for the ones who are still trying to find actual answers!
They know they are right they will always be right and nothing anyone can do can change that!

The believing skeptics

These are just as much fun to be honest but in a much more easy going way, they believe in the paranormal just as much as the hardcore believers but they lack the solid concrete naivety or knowledge to back up there points, they will experience everything as paranormal and will believe it 100% especially if someone else wasn’t around to explain the simplicity of what just happened, they will attempt an argument but in time they will back down and adjust there views accordingly these can be just as dangerous if given a lead position due to the lack of knowledge and an ability to be absorbed into any situation.
They can be skeptical about situations that occur on investigations or evidence handed to them but they will more often than not believe anything!

This moves me rather smoothly into the strikingly similar:

Event Stalkers

I know for sure that quite a few events teams I know would agree that they have met a few of these over the years!
These guys can vary from dangerous to damn hilarious, they attend lots of paranormal ‘events’ most have been to more haunted locations than you could list! They probably just wrote down a list of them from every season of various popular TV shows they watch all day everyday!

They are sociable little creatures even though they usually come alone but enjoy getting together with people to experience the little adrenaline rush that comes from being in a spooky location overnight!

Some arrive with a small amount of their own kit that quite frankly they haven’t got a clue what it does but it was on TV once and was going cheap on eBay, which is fine if most didn’t react like they have hit the jackpot every time one of the LED’s lights up or a buzzer goes off!



All of the above may sound negative but in my own way I envy the naive approach these people have, I would love to revert back to thinking every noise in the dark and every shadow is a ghost but in depth research and critical thinking erases that ability pretty quickly!

So as I said before certain ones of these can be dangerous, a danger to an events team, a danger to themselves and a danger to the people around them!
Not just to the teams reputation but also physically to anyone involved!
Some of these believe that all of the events they have attended has armed them with knowledge far surpassing any other paranormal enthusiast, investigator or researcher even trying to take control from a lead during the event!
They will wander off from a group or lead part of a group away to test out there newest toy usually entering dangerous parts of old buildings or restricted areas that trusting owners have specifically asked no one to enter during events!

The knowledge they possess is quadruple hand at best based on various opinions from different people they meet on there paranormal journey but they will fire it at you with pin point precision like everything they are told is fact, but be warned if you push too hard they will not only never back down but they will show a lot of their psychopathic personality and attempt to destroy your reputation by spreading as much dishonest shit as they physically can, they will take time out of their busy spooky TV and events schedule to ensure that every other event stalker knows of your name and what horrors you have put them through!All this to cover up the fact that someone knows that they really don’t know what they are talking about!These aren’t trying to get anything from the paranormal except a buzz from being scared and sometimes a feeling of authority which is where the problems usually begin!

The spiritual pillars

Well we all know these! They are usually a major part in some teams using clairvoyance to achieve the impossible! They are usually very well mannered, lovely people that claim an ability to be able to talk to the other side, this makes them the pillar of a team they are involved with they will take charge of a seance to ensure communication is achieved and then reel off information to teams about what is present!
As I have mentioned before, I have had many debates with various mediums over the years they tend not to be as forthright as most but hold more of a nice in depth conversation with you in a way that can only really be described as condescending! This is more from an ‘inner peace’ side to their personality rather than a “you really don’t understand you dickhead” kind of way!
But as in all things paranormal you press the right buttons and the paranormal war zone opens up, this reaction to me just shows a certain desperation to not be found out similar to the events stalker!
They can be incredible at using your inability to communicate or understand the rules of the afterlife to twist any previous comments or statements they have made this makes for a never ending debate until one either storms out or takes to removing all comments on social media to cover their tracks!

The popularity sponges

These are brilliant, the most important things to popularity sponges is too gain as much fame for what they do as possible!
The ‘likes’ they have on social media sites are incredibly important to them because the more likes they have the more credible anything they say or any evidence they collect is!
These are usually big personalities there name is known by many people in the paranormal world but if you ask anyone what they are good at the answer is usually exceptionally vague!

They have a great persona and usually take centre stage on an investigation and really wouldn’t mind standing in front of the camera explaining things for YouTube videos and alike! I see the appeal these people have I have also taken the spotlight from them and placed it on the parts of their personality they do not want exposed! This leads to a major outburst from them about how wrong someone is and how they are right, then you prove them wrong! At this point a loud seashell is blown into and a ton of angry followers (usually event stalkers) will team up into a giant hate mob and bombarded you with information that even though you can disprove a mass amount of, you physically wouldn’t have time to answer everyone! This allows the popularity sponges to be proven right by default and become a victim! Usually I wouldn’t push these buttons unless I had a spare evening and felt mischievous! I would recommend steering clear of these as they can dent your reputation pretty quickly!

The Elders

Ok well we all know these, these are the people that have been doing this since before you were born! They tend to be lovely people who are willing to share their opinion with just about anyone but by default their opinion is correct, they have forgotten more than you know and by christ you would never be so disrespectful as to disagree with their mildly egotistical point of view and years of experience!
Unless you are a mildly egotistical 27 year old with an almost 22 year obsession with the paranormal that is!

The problem here is similar to the popularity sponges they have an army willing to back up their point of view on the paranormal usually only stating points made by the elder themselves which in turn makes it easier to disprove or debate the points but doing this then creates an ethical barrier, most of the followers will try and shame you into dropping your point of view, your reputation is easily on the line in this situation and it’s probably worth just not bothering! Hell at some point we are going to know the answers any way and there is a pretty big chance that they will know them before you!

The skeptics

These are quite important to paranormal research this group usually consists of people who are willing to challenge the norm some are exceptionally nice normal people others are so borderline cynical that you wonder why they research the paranormal at all!
The nice skeptics just enjoy researching the paranormal they tend to know more about the paranormal due to a more open minded view on both sides of the paranormal! It is also an exceptionally difficult part of the spectrum to sit in! On one end they experience a seemingly paranormal occurrence with no knowledge of what has actually happened usually triggers a mountain more of research! On the other end they experience an occurrence and it never happened and fall into ultimate denial!
A skeptic is someone who is undecided they would usually require proof of an experience to believe it has occurred!
Step in the way of a skeptic who knows an opinion is incorrect they will try to correct it, argue with a skeptic and they tend to be able to backup a point they are making some with a light debate but also others with an incredible temper and although this is counter productive they usually have a valid point to their argument!

The outright cynics

These have been mentioned previously on my blog! In my opinion they are a fungus on the paranormal world, they will stamp down on anything you say! But they still sniff around in the paranormal world in some extremely egotistical move to make themselves feel better about the fact they can’t bring themselves to agree with anything!

Now before I continue with this outright attack I ask anyone thinking WTF!!! to ensure they know what a cynic is prior to crazy backlash (if you don’t it may lead to some serious publicly witnessed burns)

Dare i say it cynics are a required part of the paranormal world but in small doses, they can bring you down from the clouds in the right moments but they can also bury you in shit if they feel like it!
Their opinion has importance but it’s as solid as they come, a ghost could walk up to them, throw them round a room, explain the meaning of life and hand a 1000 page report proving their existence and the whole thing would still never have happened! They are a waste of your time unless you are completely stuck with details of an investigation! Be careful with them the only reason i describe them as fungus is because they can make you feel your opinion is totally pointless which in turn can easily make you cynical!
This is due to the fact they make their point then continue to mock and tread on yours!

The Scientists

This group is pretty self explanatory they require airtight experimentation and repeated results to even sniff at an hypothesis about anything paranormal!
They tend to have the logic to steer clear of most paranormal groups and stay away from arguments about opinions and beliefs they probably already have an answer to your theory!
Most are cynics but some actually have a spark of interest in the paranormal usually due to an open understanding of quantum physics or Psychology but these are few and far between most scientists put the shutters down at the first mention of the paranormal!

The Parapsychologists

This group are much more reputable in the paranormal world!
They have certificates and everything!?!?!? (I don’t mean that to sound too condescending but I have had many a conversation with exceptionally intelligent people who have never stepped foot near a university)
These are much like the scientists, they require air tight experimentation and quite frankly love statistics! They use scientific method to prove or disprove many paranormal claims and abilities!
They are sometimes willing to listen to investigators in the field to give them areas to study, some even step out of the lab for 5 minutes to work in the field (Well not very often), they can be a stepping stone to communication with scientists for future research!
But…… this section I will need to add the ‘other’ parapsychologists that exist out there!
This includes people who have completed Edinburgh university’s introduction to parapsychology course!
This course is an amazing idea giving many people a good insight into parapsychology and what it is they do! If you are as sad as I am and would read a university textbook for entertainment then I would recommend looking up the courses textbook for some fun filled nights of research!
I will have to state at this point that completing this course or reading the textbook front to back and back to front DOES NOT make you a parapsychologist!
I have seen more than a few times, paranormal investigators complete this course and claim there position as a groups parapsychologist! You are not, you have no degree in psychology, you have no masters degree in parapsychology you are in fact someone who knows something about parapsychology! If I’m honest you wouldn’t logically go through the years of education to gain such a qualification if you liked the smell of money or ever believed it would keep you in steady employment, due to the taboo of the paranormal, sadly there isn’t much funding for parapsychological research out there!

The Average Joes

Well these are everyone! To begin with that is!

This page is aimed at you!

These are the people that attend events, research the paranormal when they feel fit, try to help out victims of paranormal experience usually making a team of like minded people to perform the above with!
They have a limited but growing knowledge of the paranormal and are willing to except anything paranormal into there life’s because they enjoy it!

They are in fact all of the above in embryonic form, they will one day grow up to become one of the above or a mix of the above but for now they are just nice people with an interest. They meet up with like minded people they enjoy each other’s company until they open their eyes to the paranormal war!
The problem they have is they can unintentionally walk into the sights of any of the above for just asking advice or trying to have an opinion! This begins their personal growth into there chosen position in this paranormal war!

Now it has taking me almost 4 weeks to draft up this post at this point, this war is incredibly damaging to research and to anyone involved! We have heard of Para-Unity and my honest opinion is it is a pile of bollocks, the sides change all the time, when there is no answer how do you know you have asked the right question?
We cannot be unified because we have strong beliefs and even stronger opinions this war will battle on even with complete ‘proof’ of the existence or non-existence of ghosts! When people believe they are never willing to let go! We will continue to bitch about each other, we will continue to argue about each other’s point of view and we will continue to slander each other even once the answers are found!

We will find it easier to separate ourselves from all of the above if we find points that work and coincide with each other’s research, listen to each other’s points of view and gently explain how current research shows that their opinion is impossible If not let’s join forces and test the hypothesis!
We have a lot in common we just come from different backgrounds!
I will continue fighting even knowing these points because I am attacked on a regular basis for my forward opinion in the paranormal world, if I can open someone’s eyes to the possibility they could be wrong I will. but even then I understand that an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind!

Para-Unity or Para-War