I feel this page required a little introduction from yours truly, more as a warning of what’s to come than anything else,

although I like to do my best to uphold a professional and ethical approach to investigation and research I unfortunately am only human and have to be set up in areas of the paranormal world that are quite frankly archaic and dismissive of any up to date research or critical thinking, this can lead to a build of frustration, this in turn lead to the Paranormal Rants occurring which actually is credited to starting this site and the positive impact it has on the field.

These rants are my frustrations finally breaking through the diplomacy Dam and splurging all over the paranormal world.

My aim is to improve the paranormal community as a whole because I feel if we used the resource that is within all of us we could push research beyond anything we could have thought imaginable, so take them with a pinch of salt and enjoy them, share them and most importantly learn from them they actually include a great deal of information.


Paranormal RANTS!