ParaRationalise is the brain child of paranormal investigator and researcher Kevin Kerr, it serves to help grow the knowledge of individuals in the paranormal field by pulling together scientific research and paranormal experience.

The website is here to help guide groups, teams or individuals in the correct direction to investigate and research the paranormal using true scientific and ethical methods, as well as show the research that has been performed by likeminded investigators.


It is designed for beginner investigators in mind that are interested in real investigation and research into the paranormal, belief systems are not considered here for research unless in cases that they effect are capable of effecting the outcome of an experiment.

It is safe to leave them at the door and collect them up afterwards


Let it be said ParaRationalise is not a ghost hunting page or team, it is designed for real life investigation into paranormal phenomena and is dedicated to the safety and welfare of any client it may deal with.


ParaRationalise does not run paranormal events or public investigations at popular locations, unless a certain location is required for research or experimental purposes.

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