I have to write a rant with this title as I do get sick to death with people attempting to tell me something is hard evidence of the paranormal when it is most certainly fake!


I say fake! These people seem sincere in the argument that the evidence they have slapped in front of me is indeed real! 100% real to be exact!

As I have said previously, I explain that although I can be forthright with my ever ranting mouth, I am also deeply interested in people’s opinions and their “evidence”! One major exception to this rule is when this evidence is indeed proven wrong with a valid almost obvious point as to what is actually happening with this so called “evidence”!

I have continually come across people (that obviously shall remain unnamed) that intrigue me with the evidence they outright claim is definite, when really they seem to be completely ignorant to the fact that these all have very simple explanations!

These kinds of people work in a very strange way, they actually have no idea about the paranormal except the usual media fuelled crap that is injected into every paranormal horror film, TV show going!

A small warning to the investigators that come in contact with these kinds of people do not go in waving the fake flag straight away, tread carefully and approach things gently!
Try to explain what is happening in the apparent evidence, even show them a similar piece of the misconceived evidence with the same circumstances! Maybe they don’t understand what you understand! Maybe they don’t understand about pareidolia, motion blur, low ISO settings, software malfunctions, shutter speeds or fast and slow flash!
They probably just had a camera set on Auto and it performed what it believed was correct for its surroundings!

How a faker thinks!

As for those who blatantly know apparent evidence is fake but still throws it out there, well, they tend to be doing this for a reason, so watch out for the following reasons:


Sometimes establishments usually pubs, hotels, giant manor houses or places in need of funding aren’t making enough money but hear over the waves that paranormal investigators and scare seekers will pay through their arse for one night in a haunted building! Well what a perfect business plan, make up some bullsh*t stories, spread the rumour maybe even create some bullsh*t “evidence” because let’s be honest “who’s really gonna prove all of this stuff?” (Well let me tell these types, we are coming and we aren’t that far off)
What makes this an even more perfect way to make easy money, it can be done overnight so doesn’t affect the day to day business!
(Disclaimer – there is actual locations legitimately cashing in a small amount on the paranormal due to having to escort a bunch of paranormal Nuts and scare hunters on a nightly basis)

The Lonely Wannabe

This bit may be a little controversial!
There are some (sorry alot) of lonely people out there that for reasons either of their own doing or just the cards that life has dealt them feel the need to make up as much sh*t as they can in order to gain friends! This usually explains why they are on their own in the first place!

These people seem to love the paranormal world as the misinformed public believe that we are a gullible race and nothing we do can be proven! What better place to lie about whatever they want right? Very wrong!!! They create “evidence” and flaunt it in a very “Hey everyone look at me, I’m a successful paranormal investigator” kind of way!


The YouTube sensation

The title say it all! These are the people that believe being famous is the only way to make money and culturally that’s the insanity we live in nowadays!
These people are wizards with video editing tools and 3D animation software! They create the video for views in a hope that they make the big time! Which lets be honest is just a 4 minutes slot on RudeTube being narrated by Alex Zane!
They also create them so we will say its real then spend the rest of our days trolling us about it!

Scary videos spread like wildfire through social sites and video streaming sites, so investigators need to be on the ball! The sooner a proper explanation is in place the sooner it can be wiped from the face of the paranormal!
Research 3D animation capabilities understand its limitations and how it overlaps with standard video! Understand that this research includes behavioural psychology hunt down the original poster check what other video they have uploaded! It would probably include earlier crap attempts at fakery or animation!


Now for the audience of the YouTube sensation! These aren’t near necessarily fakers but they create massive misconceptions!

The sh*t spreader

These are everywhere this is predominately due to the wonderfully easy ability to click the share button that is on pretty much every web page, social network and video streaming site!

This means the sh*t now spreads at an exceptionally accelerated rate as it seems the old fashioned copy and paste was too much hassle previously when things like this weren’t as interesting to the general public!


How misconceivers do it!

I can’t be bothered with research it’s boring!

Let me tell you a made up story (by ‘made up’ I mean not real! As in it never happened although its generic situation)

Jack sat down on the sofa one day and gathered the balls to watch a various selection of popular paranormal TV shows!

After the little excitement of ghosts and scary situations making his heart beat a little faster, he thought to himself “wow I would love to do this, running around scary places hunting ghosts”

(Note – I’m not saying this is how an interest in the paranormal begins its just an example, so put it away before it falls off)

At this point a cross roads appeared in the mind of our sofa hero Jack!
One direction brought forward the thought of “i’ll create a group and learn as I go about this stuff, these TV shows are quite informative anyway”
The second direction brought forward the thought of “how does this stuff work? What does it mean? Why could it happen? Is this really ghosts or something else? I should start researching this stuff!”

As you can imagine the second direction involves a very long walk across the shoulders of giants, reading book after book on the subject picking the minds of the skeptics, the believers and people in the know! Even the people who aren’t, its funny to get those conceptions sometimes!
All in all the second direction is hard f*cking work at best!

So it’s with full understanding I see people taking the first direction more often than not! This is big mistake and can destroy the lives of victims of the paranormal phenomena! Yes I said victims! People are actually deeply affected by these experiences be they real or not! If you walk in all guns blazing spouting sh*t that these experiences are completely real and even give everything a wonderful name then you can seriously damage a lot of lives! I’ve witnessed the mess that comes from it and I’ve witnessed uninformed people getting in the head of vulnerable victims!

You want to do the first direction then do everyone in the paranormal world a favour! Stick to being entertained by the TV, take a passing interest in what is happening but don’t stick your nose in and sneeze all over actual research! As said by Dara O’briain once and I think the quote sums it up:

“Just because science doesn’t know everything doesn’t mean you can fill in the gaps with whatever fairy tale most appeals to you!”

Well as any actual successful investigator understands, 97% of what we find is completely normal and explainable with some in depth research!

Be very careful of the lonely wannabe! They can take your explanation and twist it to make it look like you have validated it for them and even try and make you look like you don’t know what your talking about! These people usual react as soon as you say “this is not paranormal” or give them a proper explanation! They fire straight back you and to be fair they won’t back down which usually explains why they are lonely a quote i think sums them up goes like this:

Some people create their own storms, then get upset when it rains!

Backup your conversations with these people and try your best to stay away! Unless your like me and as my team say “light the blue touch paper…..and RUN!” Declare war on these idiots! Ensure they realise that this is not a f*cking game but serious research that should be taken seriously! Hell it deserves some f*cking respect people like the proper investigators out there have been picking up the pieces our Victorian friends managed to smash to bits by trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the public and scientists alike!

Another set of fakers that are a little more sophisticated are the YouTube sensations!

This sh*t is spread by people without any real thought and even investigators, I myself am completely guilty of sharing posts onto the Gloucester Paranormal Research Facebook page but this isn’t without a good look through the details prior in order to answer any questions that may arise! It’s one big mind game for me! A kind of ACME black hole placed on the ground to see if anyone falls through! Once they do I use an ACME ladder to explain what is happening and hopefully educate through sharing the apparent evidence!

I call it hard learning it seems to soak in better that way! If these posts are left to be misconceived then shared to another page with an already misconceived description then shared again and misconceived like a runaway train that believes it a horse then…well we have all played Chinese whispers!

The end result is almost always utter b*llocks!

The next are those misconceivers who really can’t be bothered!

Paranormal Evidence, Fact? Faked? or Plain Misconception?