Recommended Teams and Individuals

On my travels across the paranormal world I have come across various individuals and teams that are actively trying to push forward research and clear a lot of the fog within the paranormal field, I have collated a list of links to their sites for you guys to browse through:

The Bristol Society for Paranormal Investigation is one of a few ASSAP affiliated teams, and is headed by Mark Davies a highly experienced investigator with a huge amount of investigation training under his belt, I have had the pleasure to deal with a few of the team members and attend an investigation with them also, they have an excellent understanding to ethical and scientific investigation and deserve their affiliation to the ASSAP, they deal with all kinds of paranormal phenomena including but not limited to cryptozoology, UFO’s, Ghosts and Psychic Phenomena.

Parascience are THE group when it comes to paranormal investigation these guys were around when I was still reading penguins ‘my first ghost story’ book (Not a real book but you get the picture), what these guys have done for the paranormal world is unmatched by any group I have seen out there, the 2 members I have had the pleasure of meeting are Steve Parsons and Ann Winsper, 2 very knowledgeable and very competent investigators, these guys have conducted a great deal of research into the paranormal and show no signs of stopping! There work can be found in the ParaRationalise Lab and there website (Click the logo)

Kenny has to be one of the more upfront sceptics I’ve ever dealt with, he has a very similar attitude as myself to what he does, and he is a completely approachable and very knowledgeable individual, the self-titled Mr Awesome deserves the title for his approach and knowledge which makes him an important asset to the sceptical side of the paranormal, definitely an individual to keep an eye on, his work can be found in the debunking lounge and on his facebook page I am Kenny Biddle

The Null Hypothesis (Formally Skeptics boot) is run by Rob Lea, Rob is an incredibly knowledgeable individual and always gets to the finest details of a situation and is usually able to blow it apart in brilliant detail, he is on the ball with whats happening in the media especially when it comes to the paranormal if you want to get the latest information in the paranormal with a sceptical point of view check out his work it can be found in the debunking lounge and also at his blog site

 South Bristol Paranormal with investigations at locations all over the country these guys have a team of mixed beliefs systems which ensures that when someone attends an investigation/event they will get input from the usual paranormal perspective but also a rational and more scientific perspective. They are a great bunch with a drive to help new comers into the paranormal world.

Check them out here on there website